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Stage Shimizu 07/2009
Training with master Shimizu OzoirLaFerrière, 4 and 5 July PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 19 May 2009 12:29
Stage d'Aikido with master Kenji SHIMIZU

Saturday July 4 2009 from 14:30 to 17:30
Sunday July 5 from 9:30 to 12:30

Gymnase Boulloche, Allée de l'espoir
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Next french stage with sensei K. SHIMIZU in july 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 28 January 2009 11:58

With the success of the first training of aikido in France of Maitre SHIMIZU in March, 2008, a second training should be scheduled on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th July 2009, to Ozoir La Ferrière.

By waiting for the next confirmation of this event, here is an extract of the newspaper of Tendôkan, "KAWARA BAN", published in may, 2008.

 (translation from japonese to french, and finally from french to english)


Extract of the newspaper of Tendôkan,
"KAWARA BAN", published in may 2008.
First stage in FRANCE
by Kenji SHIMIZU

The tour in Europe began this year with France, where we stayed one week at Pascal OLIVIER's invitation (45 years, follower of Aikidô for more than thirty years), which had shown the sincere desire to organize a big Training of Tendôryû under my direction.
This man, who dedicates all his existence to Aïkidô, is endowed with a noble heart; easily announcing things between what he likes and what palls him, we can qualify him as " hard head " and at least little inclined to the compromises when the arguments which we set him do not take his conviction.
  It is thus him who is in charge of of all the economic planning, the organization and the broadcasting of the information about our Training.
Now, and an unforeseen incident arose. It was about the demand of the sports installations with usage of polling places, because the Training had to be held the polling day municipal elections in France! It would seem that Japan is not the only country to make outdo the collective usage on the private. But our Pascal did not disarm it for all that. By means of a diligent yard in the authorities, which he presented with several visits, he managed to obtain, in the torn away, the usage of the gym!
He who had for several weeks spread the information concerning the Training in of numerous Aikidôkas, due to its tenacity, or let us say rather by his force and its qualities of heart, managed to convince the Mayor and to obtain its support... This finally surmounted obstacle, the influx in the training was of about 100 persons; it was, it is useful to clarify it, a success.
France is by nature a country very amateur of Budô; we say that its population of followers, any merged disciplines, would exceed that of the Japanese followers. We measure to it the global impact of the martial arts of Japan; it falls to us, Japanese to propagate and make, not only, the technique, continue but also the state of mind which since age-old times established the spiritual element of Budô. My impression is that, beyond the borders, the nationalities, the styles and the other schools, each met itself communing of the same fervour to reproduce gestures originally Japanese of this magnificent practice that is Aïkidô, while respecting the morality, the ethics and the philosophy.
We can certainly expect of unspeakable satisfaction felt by our french organizer by noticing the success of this day...
  By contemplating Pascal OLIVIER's action in the organization of this Training, I cannot refrain from associating its deep motivation to a shape of courage. We can moreover say that the courage is indispensable to the man to live.
  Let us remind by way of conclusion that the spiritual pillars of Budô are indeed the Wisdom, the Condolence, and the Courage.

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