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Monday, 02 November 2009 14:22
Learn Aikido with Pascal OLIVIER
Pascal OLIVIER has an extremely long experiment in teaching (since 1977). He has been instructor at the prestigious ASPP (Parisian Police Sport Association), where a lot of Aikidokas well known started under his control.
Back to France in 1991 (after more than 10 years of practice in JAPAN, where he learned both the technique and the Spirit of Budô --- Japanese traditionnal martial arts, and especially Aikido), he has been teaching abroad since then, holding most of his classes in english since many nationalities were taking part to the trainings.
He will provide You an 'order made' teachning, both for beginners and advanced: all levels, all publics, individuals or groups, at home or at the office. No mat needed for beginning: princips of basic moving can be trained in any place, the technics (taught in a spirit of realty) will be developped until the last step before the breakfall. Also lectures, teachings about the Way of Budo, and training for all levels Aikidokas.
Do You know Aikido? If you say 'yes', you could be amazed to discover that most of the people know only its surface.
You know nothing about Aikido? P. OLIVIER will be happy to lead your very first steps in this marvelous Art. He will train you and make you discovering the marvel of Budo. By extension, you will learn more about yourself and find the Path in your life if you really intend to practice true Aikido. Ready to start?
Call me: +33 6 24 63 92 26 (Fr).
Regular classes are held now in the eastern suburb of Paris: Dojo of OZOIR (77),
Tuesday/Thursday night 8:00PM - 9:30PM,
Saturday 9:30AM - 11:08AM.
Trying is free and does not engage you to anything.




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