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Tuesday, 19 August 2008 09:57

On June 10th of this year, the training supervised by our teacher Pascal OLIVIER was filmed in the dojo of the club at Ozoir La Ferriere.
The DVD of a duration of 33 minutes should be diffused in the stand of the club VSOP Aikido, during the forum of the associations which, traditionally takes place at the beginning of September for the registrations of the new season.

You have several ways to get yourself the DVD from now on.

  • direct download
Size image is about 1.5 giga-bytes. Thus the download is quite long but possible if you have a DSL/cable network .

Name: aikido20080610-cours.iso
Size: 1.4GB (1488715776 bytes)

Name: aikido20080610-cours.md5sum
Size: 59Bytes (59 bytes)

The DVD is also shared on p2p with the bitTorrent protocol.
If plan you to use this method, keep sharing the file iso.
The later downloads will be faster for others.

Name: aikido20080610-cours.torrent
The sharing does not use tracker. Mode (DHT). Add therefore in your BitTorrent software, the client
maximum bandwidth allocation is 40kb/sec.
  • Copy DVD
By September, I am ready to burn the DVD 'on demand'. Lend me a blank DVD (4.7 GB) for a week.

Extract DVD. Compilation of sequences aikido by Pascal Olivier.
This is an extract HD (High Definition) of de la low resolution video available on youtube.
Nom/Name: 20080610-Demo-Pascal-Olivier-01.mp4
Size: 194.4MB (203869516 bytes)

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