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Thursday, 09 July 2009 12:29
It's in the morning of Saturday Pascal OLIVIER SHIMIZU Master welcomed at the airport of Roissy-Charles de Gaulle,
accompanied, as last year, by his son Kenta, now called "Waka-Sensei" (Young Master)
since entering the dojo in 2006 as fulltime student.
Mrs. Birgit SHIMIZU also accompanied them.
All three ended a European tour in charge: the traditional stops in Germany (Hamburg, Munich, and two weeks of Stage Seminar in the Black Forest) plus Serbia and Slovenia, the detour Ozoir was made at the request of Olivier Pascal, eager to repeat the experience of 2008.
The arrival of Master SHIMIZU had indeed attracted considerable interest from many french and foreign Aikidoka.
After a generous dish of curry rice "in Japanese, so masterly prepared by Ms. TAKANO close Japanese friend who took this way to pay tribute to the Master,
our three guests had time to make a well deserved (they had left the Black Forest at 4:30am in the morning to go to Zurich)
while enjoying the quiet village of Seine-et-Marne, where the Pascal staying this time in his large house, a highly appreciated by Master who SHIMIZU had spent more than three weeks from hotel to hotel, with the lack of privacy that entails.

Sensei and his followers arrived in Dôjô thirty minutes before the start of the Stage.
A small detour to the VIP dressing room, and Master was ready in record time. Reminescence the time, Uchi-Deshi of the founder of Aikido, he should be ready in all circumstances to deal with all possible situations where he accompanied the old master in his many trips and demonstrations.

A considerable number of Aikidokas had responded to the call, representing the major schools Aïkidô in our country, a perfectly diverse audience, since almost rubbed beginners experienced teachers sometimes more than forty years of practice...
Many practitioners were also from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. And all this world was left to commune (literally) through some very simple techniques but very subtle, especially when demonstrated by the way disconcerting Sensei.
All Ikkyo, Irimie Nage, Kote Gaeshi and Shiho Nage, Kokyu Nage we often boasts of "know", do not they were shown the way so clear, fluid, flexible, without any concession or especially no dead time, without any possibility for Uke to react or respond during application of the movements.

SHIMIZU master, as usual, has decorated his demonstrations always amazing ease and natural, long about to teach or remind us of the immutable principles of budo, found not only in Aikido, but also in all disciplines that we inherited from the Japan post-Meiji era.
Stressing that the base are the three pillars of practice:
CHI (Wisdom which transcends the knowledge gained over many years of incessant practice),
JIN (Compassion, including the ability to forgive his neighbor, without which any report would be conflict),
Yu (Courage, not only in critical moments of life, but also in the everyday and when we are dealing with oneself: to live without lying and lying), the Sensei numerous anecdotes about and illustrating his point, for the greatest happiness of the present Aikidokas some of which intended for the first time talk about the importance of the state of mind (Seishin)
in the approach to practice, and other essential topics rarely discussed in Budô today.

The words of the Master were translated from Japanese by Olivier Pascal, a student of Master SHIMIZU since 1984, who not only spoke in french, but also in English to make it accessible to all visitors about the Sensei.

SHIMIZU master, during the two days that lasted the course, uses exclusively for technical demonstrations and disciple his son Kenta SHIMIZU (26 years, enrolled in Aikido since age 8 but practicing diligently for about ten years) , explaining that by taking the maximum of Ukemi (Falls, including the ability to instantly adapt to changing technology) that he himself had been trained in the hard school of Master UESHIBA ... What often appeared to him then as a constraint would lead years later on a very complete understanding of Aikido we can actually see the result in all aspects of its practice: Kama (guard position), ma-ai (physical distance and intuitive compared to the partner), Kokyu (a broad concept including breath, but also the ability to act at the right time --- "timing" --- and never be late, as capacity to absorb the movement of the partner and include it in our own sphere of work).
Many practitioners who have been able to taste the delights of keiko (training) with the son of the Master, at once so powerful, so flexible, if also benevolent, always respecting its partners (he told us after practice that It made no difference in his mental and physical attitude, he is facing the Sensei or facing any partner is not this a lesson to take into account and put into practice now ?) while still guiding them on the right path, taking into account their level. An impressive level acquired at the price of a sacrifice and a gift of self made day after day for several years now ... One can understand why we find each time more focused, more powerful, more practical in its whole and in its approach.
Mrs. Birgit SHIMIZU, discreet but very present, Aikidoka a rare level following the Lord for nearly 30 years, has also enchanted all practitioners who have had the chance to share with her the joys of a practice course flexible and powerful: the great art again ...
Some managers of the School TENDÔRYÛ were also present. OLIVIER Pascal in French, very popular in Germany, Belgium and Holland, where his courses are very popular, were added for the occasion of Teachers of extremely high as VANROY Jos (Belgium), known for his flawless technique and the rigor of its education, and that we meet soon for an internship in France; Ludo Peters (Netherlands), Peter PREHM (Hamburg, Germany), Claudia JANICK (Berlin, Germany, she headed for the regular Pascal OLIVIER Thursday preceding the Stage ), which could socialize with other trends masters such as Jean-Gabriel and Jaqueline GRESLE (O Sensei that followed in the sixties, and met the young SHIMIZU at that time!), Pascal HEYDACKER close disciple of the late Master Nocquet, Patrick BELVAUX student of Master TISSIER (after promising beginnings at once Master FLOQUET), Jean-Louis MIGNOTET, a disciple of Michel COQUET, and Vincent and Philippe BRAJDIC, both experts in Hakko-Ryu Ju-Jutsu which together closely also Aikido Tendôryû by their relationship with Pascal OLIVIER ... The young and very promising Issey TAMAKI (School Master TAMURA) was also at the top, drinking in the words of Sensei and immediately putting into practice the principles laid down by it. That we forgive the omissions inevitable in this range of experienced practitioners and researchers of Truth.
What is great is the surprisingly accessible teaching SHIMIZU Sensei. Not elitist in its essence, it can be happy and useful guide for the practitioner with only a few months of practice by searching against excellence, it can help upgrade older practitioners who, having lost all reference would left their own practice will gradually be diluted in a style too personal, interesting indeed ... but sometimes singularly far from what should be the Aïkidô.

The beautiful Cécile AZAIS with a true eye of lynx, immortalized the Stage taking remarkable shots, with his agreement, we are pleased to include in this report. A picture worth a thousand words, think that the ground control Master SHIMIZU, sharp eyes seemed to face a possible speaker outside its scope of action? Zanshin sublime expression of the spirit present before, during, after the action ... because it is never finished ...

Tsuki and avoid in the Bokutô (sword of wood, often called a "bokken" an inappropriate word) on a vertical attack, which measure the accuracy of Sensei ...
And this Kokyu Nage where Sensei entered diagonally, literally shearing action or even the intention of the attacker? Major Art, certainly...
belle chute de waka 2
And this sublime Koté Gaeshi which reflected the spiral never thwarted by the technique of Sensei...
Stage Master SHIMIZU has been a great opportunity for those who thought perhaps too well known Aikido...
Many are left with the feeling that they have approached much closer to a kind of Truth intangible, whose technique is an approach but certainly not the purpose, the feeling, too, having lived with the practice intensity (Zanshin) rather unprecedented, and have discovered that very unsuspected dimension of the exercise of Aïki.
The impression, in essence, to have returned to the original teaching of Aikido as founded and wished Master Morihei Ueshiba, illustrated character who bequeathed to all mankind's technical and spiritual heritage that we now know, some focus on not to drop into oblivion.
Finish with these words almost proverbial, often repeated by the Sensei in his teaching:
"The martial arts (BU) is Circle (EN)
Circle Dance is (*)
Martial Art is Dance ... "
Text: Laurie PACE.
Pictures: Cécile AZAIS.

(*) Dance is here in the traditional Japanese context, where the gestural and fluid from the abdomen (HARA) joined the firm in practice in all movements of Budô: the belly, or center, glued to the ground, the flexible and slippery , attention always extreme, with no death or hesitation...
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